66 800 Estavar  -  France
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Camp-site booking form

You may first have confirmation from the camp-site l'enclave of availability of the rent by phone, fax or email.
Then fill-in next form, print it and sign it.
Send it by post mail with the amount of booking

Booking form beetween Camping l'Enclave, 66800 Estavar

and Mrs Miss Mr.   
Postal code   City Country
Phone     Email

Booking of one site during the period
Please mark the date in french format : day / month / year
  from / /2018 (after 1h p.m)  to / /2018 (before 11h a.m).

Services wished  : Standard package Comfort  Large Comfort

Camp-site area for  : (please mark the number in the boxes)
  Adult(s)   Child(ren) beetween 7 and 11 years   Child(ren) less than 7 ans  Pet(s)

Electricity : No electricity  or  3 A 6 A 10 Amperes

I, the undersigned, Mrs Miss Mr. accept and sign the booking conditions.
I send this booking form acompanied of the amount of 110 Euros including  100 € of deposit and 10 € of expenses by postal order to the "Camping l'Enclave". (take care that expenses aren't paid back or taken away from your stay amount).

Make a bank transfer :
IBAN FR76 1710 6000 1116 5561 8600 040
Name : SARL Camping L'Enclave

The camp-site l'Enclave will return you a confirmation of booking after reception of this form duly filled and signed accompanied by the payment corresponding to your booking. Take care of this confirmation that you'll have to present at your arrival.
The deposit maintains the validity of your reservation 1 day in the event of delayed arrival, but could not be refunded in the event of cancellation.

"Bon pour accord" (order agreement)    Date                                        Signature